About us

Our goal is to empower immigrants to learn Swedish language in a fun and engaging way

We offer free and easy to use apps and digital tools to efficiently learn Swedish language.

Språkkraft is a Swedish NGO that focuses at increasing the integration rate of immigrants, refugees and newly arrived people to Sweden through Swedish language learning.

Through our three easy and fun to use apps and Webapp, we apply the essential concepts of reading, watching and communicating in Swedish. Through that, we promise you an efficient journey in learning Swedish.

Founded in Stockholm in Spring 2015

by a number of committed social entrepreneurs to gather digital solutions with the potential to radically increase the integration rate among refugees, new arrivals and other immigrants to Sweden.

As a result, Språkkraft has launched an app for mobile and tablets on Android and iOS with integrated dictionaries and language exercises to 30 different immigrant languages.

Reading Coach
February 2016

Our vision

To contribute to any organisational, technical and educational infrastructures that support the individual to integrate faster and better in order to soon give back to society.

The language is something all established Swedes possess and can share with new Swedes for the greater good of the Swedish community.

Språkkraft wants to help individuals outside of organized activities develop their Swedish during their free time.

Common questions

Can’t find an answer? Feel free to contact us: e-mail us at kontakt@sprakkraft.org or call us at +46 707 48 5693

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